Balloons, a magic that people have always admired!

With great pleasure, we took over the online shop BALLOONS UNITED in December 2020 from freilust OHG.
Before that, we started our “Memories gifts + balloons” retail gift store on a smaller scale in Germany’s sunniest city, “Freiburg”, and discovered the joy of balloons.
The magic of balloons doesn’t just light up children’s eyes…
Convince yourself

With our unusual range of latex balloons, we now deliver to over 70 countries worldwide.

Since our environment is very important to us, we only offer balloons made from biodegradable natural latex .
Our balloons can also be individually designed and printed on request.

Due to high quality materials used by our manufacturers our balloons are very robust, sturdy and durable so you could even use them more than once. Of course, eventually the balloons will lose air and there’s always a chance that they could burst. After all they’re still balloons…

The magic is within your grasp …