Balloons & Sustainability

As beautiful as balloons are, it needs to be constantly recalled that they cause a lot of waste!

They pollute our environment, land in our ocean and are a serious hazard to animals and ecosystems. We are totally aware of that issue, but we also think that it´s not necessary to renounce them entirely. Because despite the use as an element of decoration and advertising, there are much more application areas as you can imagine, which cause many beautiful moments and should be continued in the future.

However, we must admit that we find ourselves in a slight dilemma, but no need to bury our heads in the sand. Of course, there are several ways and means to the protection of a sustainable environment, and honestly, it´s quite easy!

What BALLOONS UNITED does to contribute to environmental protection:

Natural latex

We only offer balloons, which are biodegradable because they are made of 100% natural rubber latex. It´s a naturally grown material, which is long-lasting and eco-friendly harvested. That´s why you won´t ever find mylar balloons in our product selection. Unfortunately, the process of the biodegradability can take some time (several years) and might cause a lot of damage already during the meantime. Not least because of possible stabilizers and plasticizers which might be added to increase the durability. The most reliable way not to burden our nature is to hold your balloons tight and to dispose of them properly (residual or organic waste).

Massive balloon releases? No thank you!

We don´t support large balloon releases or similar balloon actions. Every balloon, which rises in the air comes up somewhere inevitable! The probability that it ends up immediately in the right garbage can is microscopic…

Less packaging material

We use as little resources as possible by using only as much packaging as necessary. You won´t find single packed balloons or unnecessary labeling here. Due to hygienic reasons and transport safety, we cannot prevent synthetic packaging entirely. But therefore we only use reusable zip lock bags, which are perfectly suited for the safe storage of your balloons.

Renewable resources

Our shipping boxes and envelopes are manufactured exclusively from sustainable and reusable materials and are 100% recyclable.

What you can do and what you should keep in mind when buying balloons:

Do you really need a massive balloon release?

Although it looks really wonderful: think about the sense of (massive) balloon releases in general (for example at weddings, events, promotions). Is this really necessary? The consequences for our ecosystem aren´t worth this short and transitory moment of a beautiful sight. Especially an advertising campaign doesn´t make that much sense when the advertising medium flies away very quickly…

Environmentally friendly materials

Don´t use strings made of polyester or plastic to fix and knot balloons (which are filled with helium), but rather use the environmentally friendly alternative: strings made of cotton and cardboard, which are 100% biodegradable.

Correct disposal

Pay attention to appropriate and professional disposal of all materials, starting at the package to the balloon itself.

Pay attention to the CE-label

Make sure the balloons you buy have a CE certificate. They comply with all requirements and guidelines of the EU (substances etc.). Of course, all of our balloons fulfill this criterion.